Avengers of Colour 2019 Mentees!

I am so pleased to announce the 2019 mentee selections! We received so many applications and it was so hard to narrow them down - as you will see, many of us had to choose more than one mentee. Now the time has come to reveal who those writers are.


Team Okoye - Adiba’s Mentee’s

Juliet Lubwama and Maha Hussain

Team Black Panther - Faridah’s Mentee’s

Gail Upchurch, NJ Mvondo and Jennifer Chukwu

Team Spiderman - Kess’s Mentee’s

Michelle Cao, Micaela Clark and Alethea Sung-Miller

Team Valkyrie - Louisa’s Mentee’s

Gretchen Potter and DeMisty D. Bellinger

Team Marvel - Lyla’s Mentee

Maya Kaddah

Team Thor - Molly’s Mentee’s

Samara Lo and Solin Hanna

Team Hulk - Chloe’s Mentee’s

Meriam Metoui, Sophia Grace Duong and Allegra Martschenko

Team Shuri - Liselle’s Mentee’s

Corinne Jean-Jacques and Farhiya Samatar

These are the mentee’s of Avengers of Colour 2019!!! We are so excited to welcome you guys into our avengers family, and for those of you that weren’t successful this time, click here for some advice moving forward. This isn’t the end of your journey. Some of the mentors will be providing feedback so check out the different mentor twitters for more information on that.

As always, we love you 3000 :-)