The Write Type - Episode 9 - 'Trench' Coat Part 4 with Namina Forna

Show notes:

  • In this episode we talk about what happens post book-deal

  • Namina Forna’s The Gilded Ones is essentially The Hunger Games x The Handmaids Tale and we spend the episode talking about her journey to publication as well

  • We discuss barriers in publishing

  • How she started out first in film school

  • We also talk about how her being Black effected the way she was rejected and the amount of rejections she received

  • She was told by agents and other higher ups that people were not interested in reading about people who looked like her

  • We discuss questions to ask literary agents during an offer call

  • We also talk about what to look for in an agent

  • “I did not understand the barriers that were against me. If I had, if I’d understood the amount of pain, the amount of years that I would spend knocking on a wall that was not going to open for me…I probably would have quit and would have done something else.” - Namina Forna

  • “I cannot help but think how many other talented writers of olour gave up because the wall was insurmountable.” - Namina Forna

  • “I think Black Panther in so many ways changed the game.” - Namina Forna

  • We talk about her having a UK literary agent despite being from the US

  • A look into UK and US book deals

  • Having a day job

  • Finances and financial literacy

  • Twitter: @NaminaForna

  • Instagram: @Namina.Forna

  • Website:

    Thank you for listening to this episode! Hope you found it engaging and helpful!