The Write Type - Episode 2 - 'Trench' Coat Part 1 with Adiba Jaigirdar

Show notes:

Here is my brand new series, the ‘Trench’ Coat Series! A series of discussions with writers of colour about different stages in the process of getting traditionally published. First part is what happens before querying. Next part is on querying - so look out for that!

In this episode me and YA author Adiba Jaigirdar discuss everything from querying to the things that happen before you query, like pitch contests, drafting, editing, looking for critique partners (CPs) and beta readers. We give our perspective as women of colour who also happen to be Muslim and queer and how our identity has brought up challenges along this journey.

You can follow Adiba on these links:

Twitter: @Adiba_J

Instagram: @Dibs_J


If I’ve missed anything from the show notes that you would like me to add, just let me know and I’ll add them! Thank you for listening.