The Write Type - Episode 3 - Interview with Alexandra Sheppard Author of Oh My Gods

Show notes:

  • In this episode Alex and I chat about being a Black British writer in the UKYA space, and the unique challenges that comes with

  • Alexandra’s journey to being traditionally published

  • “Don’t let your inbox rule your life” - Alexandra Sheppard

  • “Get it all on the page and sculpt it later.” - Alexandra Sheppard

  • She mentions both a new publisher in the UK who prioritise marginalised stories and are made up of a very diverse staff and their amazing book shop which does the same. The publisher is Knights Of and their book shop is Round Table Books!

  • We also talk about her favourite greek myths and greek myth inspired novels, which you’ll have to listen to the episode to find out more on

  • You can follow Alexandra on Instagram @alexsheppard19 and Twitter @alexsheppard

Thank you for listening!