The Write Type - Episode 6 - 'Trench' Coat Part 3 with Ciannon Smart

Show notes:

  • In the episode, Ciannon and I discussed how she got an agent, her submission story in both the UK and the US and the way she dealt with the stress of submission

  • We go in-depth into what happens on submission and how everyone has a varied timeline. Some people it takes days, weeks or months and in some cases a year or more

  • Have low expectations to avoid disappointment over variables and outcomes you can not control

  • “Submission is like a wild dance” - Ciannon Smart

  • Ciannon suggests keeping yourself busy during submission to stay sane

  • “With submission…you arm yourself with all the knowledge you can” - Ciannon Smart

  • We discuss different submission styles, some writers ask to only hear about the good news their agent receives from publishers, some ask for the constructive criticism and others want to hear everything. Ciannon and I had very different submission styles.

  • “Expect nothing” - Ciannon Smart

  • Ciannon suggests that writers get a non-writing hobby

  • She also debunks the common advice that writers should always work on something new while awaiting news. This is not something everyone is emotionally capable of. Don’t force yourself to write something new while on submission if you have no energy to.

  • We gushed a lot about our agents and our publishers

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  • Ciannon’s IG: @AuthorCiannonSmart

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Thanks for listening!