Here are some answers to questions I have been asked! Will add more when people ask more things <3

How do you pronounce your names?

Fa-ree-dah Ah-bee-keh Ee-yee-mee-deh

Those are unique, where are you from?

Faridah is a muslim name and my other names are Nigerian

Why do you go by Abike/Abix?

My mum has called me that forever (she also calls be Abix J and other variations) and so it’s just one of my favourite names!

Who is your publisher?

Usborne UK!

When can I buy your book?

Sometime soon date TBA

Who’s your agent?

The really lovely Hannah Sheppard of the DHH Literary Agency

How did you get an agent?

click here for the blog post detailing that :)

How did you get a book deal?

Click here to find out!

Can we collab?

Collab-ing with someone takes a lot of trust and understanding of each others writing styles - which is really hard to find! Because of this, I’d only collab with people I am reaaalllyy close with and whose work I have read and loved.